Cyclone Separators


Cyclone separators are ideal for separating dust with particle size grater than 5um. It provides a very cost effective solution to the problems of collecting dust, materials and for conveying bark and chips. The unit basically consists of a cylindrical and conical portion. As the dust laden air enters the inlet port, it spiral downwards in an outer vortex and comes out of the unit in an inner vortex. It uses centrifugal force for the separation of particles. Centrifugal action causes the air and material to move around the inside walls of the cyclone, from where the material drops by force of gravity at the bottom leaving the air to escape through the top.

Low resistance to flow.
No moving parts
Simplicity and reliability.
Low maintenance requirements.

They are most suited where centralized dust collection system is desired. Some of the applications are: cement industry, paper and textile industry, wood working machines, buffing, grinding and polishing operations, etc.