Type of Fans


Types of Fans

Ring Fan:A ring fan consists of an axial flow impeller within a mounted ring or plate. The fan is designed to move air from one enclosed space to another or form indoors to outdoors or vice versa.
Tube Axial:A tube axial fan consists of an axial flow impeller within a cylinder. It is suitable for moving air within the duct. The fan can also be designed for conveying hot gases.
Roof Extractors:A roof extractors is very similar to the tube axial except its air supply direction which is upwards. It can be mounted on to the roof of the building for ventilating wide range of volumes of air.

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Some of the applications are:

  • Humidification Plants.
  • Acoustic Enclosures of Generators.
  • Restaurant Kitchens.
  • Enclosed Spaces.
  • Industrial Sheds.
  • Fumes Extraction.
  • Automobile Service Stations.
  • Banquet Halls.